Custom Metal Structures.


ERMESYS supports companies with their metal infrastructure projects.

Today’s industrial projects are high stakes endeavours, in which safety, quality and time are non-negotiable values. In this environment, we strive to provide our clients with customised metal products they can rely on. From the initial design studies to procurement, manufacture and final delivery, we accompany our clients throughout the whole project lifecycle.  For over 25 years, our team has supported international companies, by delivering high quality products for their projects worldwide. From the Oil & Gas to the Sustainable Energies, ERMESYS is your Design and Manufacturing partner.


Watch the video – ERMESYS custom underdeck mobile platform

  At the cross-road of its expertise in Special Machine, and its commitment to Oil & Gas infrastructure projects, ERMESYS designed and manufactured an automated underdeck mobile platform, which will facilitate safe maintenance operations on the underside of a...

The second breath of ERMESYS in Glos-sur-Risle

The company specialised in manufacturing structures for the energy industry is its the way to prosperity. Who could imagine that, down a narrow country road, at a place called “La Forge” in Glos-sur-Risle, ERMESYS is designing and manufacturing metal structures......

The audacious challenge of Sebastien Gandolphe

  Sébastien Gandolphe, 40 years old, acknowledges that “he had to work for more than 8 months to put together the financing for the takeover of the company ERMESYS in Glos-sur-Risle (Normandy), a company specialised in metal structures for the offshore oilfields”...


ERMESYS has built a significant track record in delivering complex projects for offshore and subsea Oil & Gas projects. We are now leveraging this experience to offer our expertise to a wide range of heavy industries, such as Renewable Energies, Nuclear Power, Maritime Construction, Civil Works, etc.

Oil & Gas
and Production


Heavy Industry

& Conventional


ERMESYS is able to deliver custom products in 3 key areas:


Pieces of equipment integrated within the client’s infrastructure, and built to last decades

Installation Aids &

Custom equipment used by our clients during the execution of their construction projects

Special Machines

Built for purpose complex machines, utilised by our clients as part of a specific industrial process



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